Did Oprah talk about it or something? Because I've noticed a huge zipper jewelry craze on the internet in the past few days. More and more artisans are rising to the challenge of making jewelry from this haberdashery staple.

So for today, here's another selection of outstanding artisans I absolutely love! It's clear from their different styles how truly creative they all are. Check out the related posts at the end for more. Then onwards tomorrow for more awesome zipper jewelry tutorials you can try.

Reborne Jewelry on Etsy
When I struggle to pick a few outstanding pieces from an artisan's collection is the point when I know for certain how good he or she is. Paris based Reborne Jewelry is such a case. Every piece is unique. Shown above is the chained bubbled zipper necklace. Who would think to do a splendid mash up design such as this chain mailled zipper necklace?

Amalia Versaci on Etsy
I first came across Amalia's work simply because she had made a comment on one of my past posts and I checked out her shop. I love her striking lavender vintage zipper tape spiral necklace.

Her colorful 3 tier teardrop zipper earrings are another standout.

Londi Creations on Etsy
An American living in France, Londi makes outstanding zipper jewelry which uses not just zippers but buttons, beads and felt. I really like her new Zip It collection. The Opium Dream Zip It Necklace is simply gorgeous! 

So is her Cranberry Out Zip It Necklace. She is a true mixed media maestro!

ZipBling by Louise Loewenstein
The inspiration for her wonderful collection of zipper jewelry came after a trip to South Africa where she saw many items for sale which were made from recycled materials. That got her thinking. So this long time contemporary fiber artist began making whimsical zipper jewelry. She likes to challenge herself to put the zipper pulls together so it's not obvious what they are initially. Do explore her wonderful collections which includes silver and colored zipper pulls.

Her innovative way of putting together the zipper pulls is inspiring. Via

Designer Playground on Etsy
This bold neckpiece by a graphic designer is adorned with a Swarovski charm. I love her statement pieces a a great deal. It's hard to come up with contemporary cuff designs using zips but she does it very well.

Bogate Design on Etsy
A creative maven, Stacy loves using recycled zippers for her one of a kind accessories. She has a wonderful flair for color and placement as shown by her lovely pendants, barrettes and brooches.


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