Yes, you read right. This necklace is really made from hair rollers. You know, the kind you use to curl your hair. I must admit I had to look at the tutorial to make sure it was really what I thought it was.  The tutorial is by PS I Made It.

The necklace uses plastic rollers which are cut up for the shorter tubes, ribbon and chain. I must say the black looks sharp although there are other colors. The designer recommends spraying with Krylon paint if you are dead set on black and can't find any in that color.

But let's not leave the men out of this while we are on this hairy issue. Did you know there is a mustache comb necklace? It's in sterling silver and is available for $168 from Makool Loves You. The question is, who wears it - him or her?  (I can just see it, "Honey, hold still and let me brush those crumbs from your mustache!")

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