Some artisans are so good, their work are like art sculptures. Here are two recent discoveries who I admire for their creativity and their wearable art.

Eninaj on Etsy
Her shop name is actually her name spelt backwards! Janine is now Israeli based but she has spent her life in other countries and learned many languages. She was born in Uruguay and lived in Switzerland and Panama. Living in so many different places with different cultures has made her highly curious and in my mind, a supremely creative individual. Shown above is her unique take on the Circle of Life pendant theme.

Her silver sculptured bracelet is a wonderful piece using wire and fabric. She also adapted the basic design for headbands.

Her leather and brass bracelet is truly unique not least because she sewed both elements together with a special thread. The bracelet fits all sizes because the brass strings can be adjusted.

Janine says she enjoys joining different elements together. Here is another creation where she did just that. Her Teffilim brass bracelet "is inspired by Tefillim, In Judaism, two small leather boxes containing scrolls from the Torah, that are strapped to the left arm and the forehead by Jewish men for daily prayer. The tefillim on the arm points to the heart, while that on the forehead to the mind and thoughts."

Her laser cut silver leather and sterling silver necklace is another pretty vision. Via

LSueSzabo on Etsy
Sue is a Ohio based artisan who started out as an admirer and collector of art jewelry. Now she is an award winning art jeweler herself.

Her triple hoop sterling and pink sapphire kinetic spinning orbit ring is not only fun but interactive as well! Each hoop spins at a different level. What a conversation piece!

Her sterling silver modern pod bracelet is just outstanding.

And this is her 2009 Jewelry Art award winning sapphire and ruby ring (second place). (Photo credit : Ericka Crissman/Wired Images). You can also see more on Sue's website.

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