Steampunk Inspirations
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Watch parts are often used in steampunk jewelry. One of the easiest ways to make a steampunk ring is to mount watch movements on a ring base. Check out my past post for the steampunk ring tutorial and a bit more information about steampunk if you are still uncertain what it is.

However, if you are up to some fun beadwork, try this beautiful beaded steampunk bracelet tutorial (UPDATE :no longer available) to make the Continuum Bracelet. You will need a number of old watch movements which you can purchase on eBay etc. The technique is the same as for beaded cabochons. (Update : this style is called beadpunk - beadwork + steampunk)

The artisan who created the tutorial is from Chrononaut Mercantile. What's interesting about the group is they cater for 4 specific "looks" - the Faerie Realm, Medieval Marketplace, Pirate Treasures and the Age of Steam.  They create accessories, clothing and jewelry for each look. They also have an Etsy store.

Shown here is the matching pendant from their shop :

What do steampunk earrings look like? I think they nailed it with this awesome pair called the Athena earrings! It's available in either gold or silver.

A book that's just out is Jean Campbell's Steampunk Style Jewelry: Victorian, Fantasy, and Mechanical Necklaces, Bracelets, and Earrings. I haven't seen it yet for myself but looks like a promising project how-to book. What's different is the techniques emphasized are not the metal smith kinds but "cold" techniques - no torch work.  Stringing, wire work, hammering, stamping and so forth instead. A timely publication for a growing trend.

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