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Tutorial : A Pretty Snowflake Pendant to Embroider

I know many of my readers are keen on crafts such as felting and embroidery. So here is a pretty felt pendant tutorial using you can try. We have piles of snow outside as I write which makes this how to timely!

The tutorial is by Resurrection Fern who was inspired by "fresh fallen snow on the deep dark brown earth". She points out you can make it in different colors. She used yarn for the necklace part but you could also use cord or even chain. Or make a pin instead.

Even if you're not into felted pendants, do check out her gorgeously crafted tutorial. Every photo is an artistic creation in itself. She is self-taught and has always crafted. I don't know how she finds the time because she is a busy family physician in a rural community who also does something rare these days - house calls!


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  1. I enjoyed visiting Resurrection Fern's blog...the tutorial is great...imagine doing the stitches free hand...she is a talented lady!!!

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a Dr. who made house calls...


  2. Great tut! Thanks for sharing! I love when people bring different crafts into making one piece. That brings creativity to a new level.

  3. Great tutorial and blog. I've never thought of using felt in this way. I have heard of felt beads recently but not an embroidered pendant. Very beautiful and creative thanks for sharing.

  4. It's beautiful! I love snowflakes, although here the snow has been replaced by rain (which is pretty typical weather here) but I do hope to see some white stuff soon.


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