Do you haunt other types of supply stores like the hardware store or perhaps the fishing stores? It might be worth your while because you can get some novel findings that way. This clever window screen and tackle necklace and earrings tutorial by Heidi Borchers requires you to pop into both stores!

For readers outside North America, I should explain window screens are additional fine mesh panels which keep insects out while letting cool breezes come into the house.

You are not limited to diamond shapes - any shape you like will work. Heidi recommends Aleene's Tacky Glue for texture and protection. The screen mesh is usually dark colored so metallic acrylic paints are used to jazz up the design. If window screens aren't your thing, there are metal mesh strips available for jewelry making. Or you could knit your own out of fine metal.

The fishing store supplies used in the tutorial are brass snap swivels.  If you are intrigued with the idea of fishing tackles, please check my past post on the gorgeous Japanese Fishing Lure Jewelry based on a centuries old folk art.


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