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Wire Wrapped Bangle Tutorials

Wire work tutorials are always popular. So here are more tutorials to try. First up is this wire wrapped bracelet tutorial by Sheri Herr of Lotus Beads. Sheri used 20G wire but you could also use 18G if you want a more substantial look.

Jane over at the Handmade Jewelry Club also has a wire bangle but hers is a free form style.

The tutorial is in 3 parts :
Free form wire wrapped bangle tutorial Part 1
Free form wire wrapped bangle tutorial Part 2
Free form wire wrapped bangle tutorial Part 3

If you`re not too sure if you want to do that much wiring, the  Loopdeloop bangle tutorial from Beading Daily (no longer available) might be the solution. It uses two sterling silver bangles which are wired together with beads. You have to join Beading Daily to get this free download. They have many free tutorials so it is worth it.

If you are leery of working with 2 bangles then wire just one with this lovely bead and wire tutorial by Danwei on Craftster

Alternatively, you could use non-sterling wire bangles as your starting point. You don`t have to put them in a parallel fashion either as shown by Sloper Craft`s Woven wire bangle tutorial. Did you miss Nancy Wickman`s wire woven tutorials including her lovely wire woven bangle? Just click on the link to go to that past post.

Here is another coiled wire bangle tutorial from Polymer Clay Central. For more how-tos, check my past post on coiled wire bangles.

If you like a super simple bangle with just a little dangle, then Geltdesign`s Silver Bangle tutorial is for you!  You have to use really thick wire (14G) to make this work otherwise the wire will easily kink on wearing.

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  1. Great collection of tutorials Pearl...

    Such wonderful wire artists.

  2. I just had to buy this amazing complete bead book. I linked it here. The site has all kinds of beading resources. Enjoy everyone

  3. Great collection of bangle tutorials Pearl! I've been making some a little bit similar to the last one for awhile now and they are very popular. Bracelets are so nice to wear and such a fun way to spark up a wardrobe. There are some real beauties here! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Those are some wonderful tutorials Pearl, thanks!

  5. Pearl, thanks for featuring my work here.. Cheers

  6. What a wonderful collection of info....thanks so your work

  7. Really great tutorials Pearls. You never let me down!!! lol Thanks

  8. I really love all of these!! I am writing an article on wire wrapped jewelry and I linked to your page here... (hope you don't mind) Thank you and God Bless!

  9. Hey Jamie, I am delighted you are linking to my page here! Glad you liked the round-up.


  10. These wonderful wire wrapped bangles are eye catching! Wire work is very time consuming, but it is worth the investment. Thank you for sharing these great tutorials!!!


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