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The Marrying Kind
Part 1 of 2
I've written about fingerprint jewelry before. The idea is a fantastic one because it is so personal. Remember no two individuals share the same fingerprints, not even identical twins.  They also do not change with time so fingerprint wedding bands are the ultimate declaration of hope for a lifetime of love.

Shown are are the creations of Maine artisans, Brent and Jessica Williams, who do custom fingerprint jewelry including rings for their Etsy store Fabuluster. They work in platinum, palladium, sterling silver and gold. I rather like how they offer to do fingerprints even as the "gem" on a ring. The fingerprints are used effectively around the outside or inside of the bands too. Delightful and unique.


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  1. its really great,love this idea


  2. Saw that before and that is a great idea! Especially the rings with the prints running around the whole ring.

  3. This is a really great gift idea for your future wife/husband. I love the first ring. I think I will need to check out their store!

  4. Hi Pearl,

    Thanks so much! We are slammed with orders due to all the recent exposure!


  5. Yes, those are real fingerprints. The makers first cast the client's fingerprints.

  6. If you are truly serious about this, do contact Fabuluster on Etsy for a custom fingerprint wedding band order!


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