The Marrying Kind
Part 2 of 2
Okay, listen up you romantics out there! I came across Kevin Flory's forum post telling members of his creative endeavor to win an Olympus Pen E-PL camera and $5000 in the imaging company's video competition, "Pen your story".

His video entry consisting of 700 photographs can be summed up by his line "My proposal is a proposal to my love", complete with beating heart! If he won, he would use money to buy the ring and the "camera to record the ring making, the proposal and the rest of our lives."

He even had a ring design in mind - one with an inset gem, tree growth rings on the outside and fingerprint embellishments. These represent his "identity, my entirety and growth". It is a wonderful symbolic gesture of commitment to trust all that to the woman he loves.

He wasn't sure if such a ring were possible. I assured him it is - check my past feature on Kathryn Albers' fingerprint jewelry, Imprint On My Heart line  as well as yesterday's post on Fingerprint wedding rings by Fabuluster. Tammy Powley, the moderator of that forum, added her explanation as how it could be accomplished,"...metal clay, especially since you want the finger print in there, but it could also be done using a wax mold and the lost wax casting method."

He was delighted when he followed my first link.  Here is what he said in the comment section, "Wow that is really cool! I had an idea in my head. And then seeing what it looks like in metal, it's just awesome. That's what I want. I didn't know if it'd look good. But it looks great. It's funny most of the time people don't like fingerprints on glass and such, so there's sort of a negative connotation. But I like it especially as it's shown here." 

Olympus' Youtube community will pick the winning 6 entrants, partly (49%) based on the thumbs up ratings for the videos. Check out this video to learn more about the Pen Your Story Challenge. The main deadline is June 6 - only days away. I gave Kevin's video a thumbs up! So did Tammy and other forum members.

Anyone who worked as hard as he did with the video and took the trouble to find at least one jewelry community deserves a chance to make his vision come true! Tip - you need to sign up/log in with Youtube to rate.


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