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Victor Allen's Awesome Steel Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Many people love wire wrapped jewelry designs and I am no exception. A couple of outstanding artisans I have featured before include Ines Schwotzer's 3D wire jewelry and Infinite Glam's gemstone laden wire jewelry. So it's a real treat to come across another inspiring and original artisan like Victor Allen who has a 1000 Markets store called BeautifullyWiredLynx . It's very well named, for sure!  Alas the store doesn't exist anymore there.

He must have very strong fingers and hands because he uses 18G steel wire for the basis of his one of a kind designs. Victor also confidently mixes metals, something some artisans are reluctant to do.  It really changes the look of a piece when different metallic colors are used.  I also appreciated what he said in his profile, that his inspirations come from Tiffany and Cartier designs. Victor is right, we should always be on the lookout for inspiration even amongst luxury pieces.

Congratulations, Victor for making it to Trendhunter, the largest online trend magazine with 8-11 million views a month. It's not easy to make it there but it is well deserved.

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  1. WOW, these are beautiful. I love the mixed metal look and the strength in the pieces.

  2. Beautiful jewelry!

  3. Those are beautiful pieces...I do agree, I've tried to work with stainless steel wire & rings and you sure need strong fingers & hands!!!!!!!


  4. Those are some wonderful pieces!

  5. Hello! And thank you for mentioning my work! This is just one section of my work, my inspirations kick in with my chainmaille pieces. Thanks again!

    You can find me also at

  6. Wow,very impressive ! Each piece is magnificent.
    His designs are incredible and the fact that he uses stainless steel wire (18 gauge no less, for the foundation of his pieces) amazes me. He must have the hands and arms of a blacksmith.


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