Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ines Schwotzer's Amazing 3-D Wire Jewelry

By on Tuesday, June 09, 2009 13 Comments

German artisan, Ines Schwotzer's wire frame jewelry is like no other I have seen before. Her 3-D jewelry stands apart from the typical wire work we see. That's because Ines uses her own unique weaving and braiding frame style technique gleaned from her background as a textile designer. She has an interest in bobbin lace making and that is reflected in her finely wrought work.

She uses mostly fine stainless steel wire although some of her work is with gold plated silver. Stainless steel is difficult to work with so her skill with this material is astounding. Check out her website for other designs and to contact her for orders. Via

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  1. I LOVE that bracelet smack in the middle. Amazing! Although I would think you'd have to wear your hair up to actually wear the collar at the top. Can you imagine how long hair would get caught in that? Still, some very cool stuff.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this! Her work is amazing!

  3. Beautiful! I would think that the necklace would be uncomfortable and as BetteJo said, how about your hair. They are very pretty none the less.

  4. I really can't get over this work!! Are you moonlighting as a talent scout? Thank you so much for sharing this, I'm heading over to see her website. Amazing!

  5. These pieces are incredibly beautiful. So delicate and...and...I can't even find the right words, but they are gorgeous.

  6. Talent scout! That tickled me. What I do for all my readers (and myself) is to find the artisans whose work is truly inspirational and highly creative and show case them. Some designers are just far out but all stand out above the crowd.

    The whole idea is so we can be creative in our own work.

    It is so easy to be stuck in the rut churning out the same old designs over and over me.

  7. Un-be-lievable!!! How long must that necklace have taken?!?!? And if you're gonna go for a design that bold (but still not 'loud'), you're probably more than happy to put your hair out of the way. My admiration goes out to Ines... wonder if her fingers hurt a lot! That must be the last one now, isn't it Pearl?... I'd swear you must now have found every innovative form of jewellery ever created. Still can't figure out how you do it! Another great post!

  8. Tamara, as they say, you've seen nothing yet!!

  9. Wow, what an incredible necklace! So much work and detail has gone into each of those flowers. You certainly would not want to be 'bear hugged' wearing a piece like this... it would be crushed!

  10. Wow....awesome work. Reminiscent of Arline Fisch who is one of my heros. Working in steel is tough...and to get it to look so delicate! My hats off on this one.

  11. stunning, great designer, very interesting technique, thank you for sharing.

  12. How do you find these extraordinary jewelry-makers? This one is really incredible. Wish i had that kind of patience. I have to make jewelry with bright colors and immediate gratification! ADHD anyone?