Many of us hesitate to make jewelry for the under 6-8 crowd. The dangers of lead and cadmium are well known (see past posts below ).

Lately children have been hankering after funky rubber band bracelets in all sorts of fun shapes to wear, collect and trade. Unless the child is allergic to rubber - most kids aren't - these are safe, age appropriate and cost very little. However, school authorities beg to differ. This craze has become such a source of classroom distraction, several US states have banned them.

Goofy Bands Fast Food / Medical Combo (48 Count)Goofy Bands is one brand. They sell different themed shapes like the  24/pk Military Shaped Silicone Rubber Bands Bracelets as well as the 24/pk Medical Doctor Shaped Silicone Rubber Bands Bracelets. What I found hilarious is the combo pack Goofy Bands Fast Food / Medical Combo. Is that an educational move to teach kids about what happens when you overindulge in fatty foods? You need a doctor!

I also googled and discovered  Whacky Shapes which sells more types of Goofy Bands like construction and emergency packs. This store also carries the Silly Bandz line which has a large selection, from cars to animals to dinosaurs. And let's not forget the inevitable princess line!

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