The Imperfectionist is a series of 4 face distorting jewelry designs by Dutch born art designer Sophie Duran for her graduation project. These are statement pieces of a different kind. She wanted to make us aware that with plastic surgery and media influences, "people all over the world are beginning to look more the same".

She has a point. If every one tried to change their appearance to meet society's view of what is beauty then instead of standing out, they become average. Sophie is so right when she said, "Individual unique characteristics make people attractive."

One of her tongue-in-cheek designs mocks the collagen injected lips so many people want ala Angelina Jolie. The red lips jewelry can be pumped up to what ever puffiness you desire. The eyelash design illustrates the "lengths" people go to get long eyelashes. Her jewelry piece here lets you unwind what ever length you want!

The grill jewelry piece lets you add chains to your golden mouth! And the blue mustache piece lets you raise or lower those handles!  Watch her short movie of her designs and see them "in action"!

I really get her message. It's the same reason why we all like handmade jewelry because each piece is never quite perfect - there is character and uniqueness. So we should be happy with the way we look.

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