Wet felting is a fun way to make a soft bracelet out of wads of wool fiber. A design can be built up using different colors before the bracelet is worked and shrunk down into a bangle.

These are a series of short video tutorials from Expert Village showing us how it is done. I particularly like the part where cut-outs are made to reveal the bottom color layer.

1.Introduction to Wet felting
The first video (subscribers - click on each section title) explains the difference between the different felting techniques.

2.Felt Bracelet Sizing
The bracelet "foundation" is actually a linen cord sized to fit you.

3.Wrapping a felt bracelet linen cord
It's fascinating to watch how the instructor manages to fold and wrap the wool layers around the linen cord.

4.Washing Felt Bracelets
The fluffy bracelet is now deliberately shrunk down with hot soapy water and worked into a bangle shape.

5.Solidifying Felt Bracelets
tt takes a while to work the bracelet into a ring shape.

6.Avoiding Felt Bracelet Wrinkles
Tips to reduce unevenness.

7.Carving Felt Bracelets
This is the fun part where cut-outs are made to reveal the color beneath and to create a pattern.

8.Felt Bracelet Vinegar Rinse
The bracelet is next rinsed in dilute white vinegar solution to neutralise the alkaline pH of the  soapy water used in the felting process. Wool prefers an acidic pH to make it last a long time.


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