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Inflatable Necklaces by Regina di Cuori

Blow-up necklaces! Now this is a hoot and utterly clever. The plastic necklace is a boon for the jet setter who needs to pack efficiently becausse it  travels flat. All you have to do is blow it up when you are ready to put on some jewelry.  They even come in different colors!

Regina di Couri is a young Italian designer who belongs to a design lab called Daily Review. They focus on plastic materials.

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  1. Now I have heard everything! I travel a lot for my job and I try to pack light. I'm not sure if this could replace my hand made jewelry but it is a neat concept.

  2. *lol* How cool! I just read about salad bowls made from waxed fabric, so they don't need much space and can be put away folded.


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