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Corset Choker or Collar Necklaces by Forge Fashion

New Zealander Abbey Hardwick is the artisan behind Forge Fashion on Etsy. She is an awesome costume designer specializing in historical and fantasy themes as you can see from her main design website.

So it is not surprising her jewelry line includes corset posture collars most of which are custom designs. Above is her "Catherine" corset collar which is lightly boned. Below is her custom made leather "Komodo" collar made from a reptile print and laced at each join.

Her creations can be made to match the proper corset or a boned bodice.

Her impressive resume includes working with WETA Workshop (they did Lord of the Rings) on films such as The Chronicles of Narnia - she was the armorer and onset dresser. Besides film and theater, her projects extend to fashion shows, exhibition, photoshoots and videos.

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  1. The body of the collar is made from vegetarian leather, as is the bell loop. Rivets hold the bell loop in place securely.

  2. It is very unique. I can imagine it would be very lovely one someone with a very long, slender neck; such as the late, great Audrey there was a truly elegant lady !

  3. Very cool. Really nice pieces.

    Makes one wonder though, does it deter or attract vampires?

    Another great niche market. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I'd say the neck is well protected from vampires!

    I think these designs are super for medieval reenactment fans!

  5. Would it be too many corsets to wear one of these with a 'regular' corset? 'Cause by the time I got myself stuffed in the regular one, I probably would need a corset for my neck! :-)

  6. these are special, truly for the gazelles among us, but awesome none the less - great find Pearl. Heard of titanium rings? peace

  7. Yes, titanium wire and rings are hypoallergenic and cost effective. They are like nobium - a dark grey color.

  8. I tried to post a comment yesterday but my computer decided it was too tired. What is vegetarian leather?

  9. Glad your computer is rested today! Vegetarian leather is just artificial or fake leather (fabric made to look like the animal sort).


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