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World's Most Expensive Sports Bra will cost you $1850

BodyRock Sport's new Trenta collection sports bra is the world's most expensive sports bra. There is no guarantee you will lose any pounds working out but you'll have to drop $1850 for this Swarovski and black spandex number.

The jewelry is actually detachable otherwise you'll be making a racket in the gym! If you look carefully, the decoration is a double strand necklace which can be worn as a single necklace or divided into a bracelet and necklace.

I'd say it's in the same league as the $3000 Swarovski crystal bling -kini I featured before.  Plenty of bling to detract from deficiencies or "show 'em off" depending on your point of view!

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  1. OMG! For that price, it better come with a pair of perfectly 'perky' boobs as well! Is the ring detachable and wearable too? Must say, though, the idea of a necklace that can be taken apart to creat a bracelet, ring, etc. is a cool idea. I once did a necklace that was 2 strand, that allowed the strands to be worn together, or each on their own - but this takes it to a whole new level. Well, I won't be in the market for a Swarovski Sports Bra any time soon (any sports bra in fact)... but definitely ideas here I can use! Thanks AGAIN and AGAIN Pearl! You're awesome!

  2. I'm sure the perky boobs will cost extra! LOL!!

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  4. what type of bra schould I wear for cross country because I hate sports bras!!!!! also im a C cup and my breasts bounce alot and my under wire bras becom to streched out and dont fit me any more and the straps fall down!!! i HATE criss cros straps and sport bras because they are wicked unconformatable!!!! so which type of bra schould i buy to run it ????

  5. Does this mean that I can purchase a sports bra for $10 toss on a necklace/bracelet that cost me may $10 and sell it for mucho bucks.. Too funny


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