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Swarovski's new diamond cut crystals - Pure Brilliance

So many of us love Swarovski crystals. No wonder. The crystals they make are really sparkly thanks to their precision cutting of faceted leaded glass.  Earlier this year, Swarovski Elements unveiled their latest innovation,  applying diamond cutting standards to their new ENLIGHTENED™ Pure Brilliance crystals.

They followed the Gemmological Institute of America's diamond  grading testing standards which showed the brilliance of their new Zirconia crystals matches that of the highest quality diamonds. To ensure authenticity, there is a microscopic "Swarvoski Zirconia"  laser engraving inside each crystal. 

Note that cubic zirconia is still a simulated diamond and not to be confused with the real gemstone zircon (see my past post Zircon not cubic zirconia)

Daniel Swarovksi, the Austrian inventor of the machine for cutting and polishing crystals founded his Austrian company in 1895.  It is still family owned and employs some 26,000 employees worldwide. Today, the company has two core businesses. One sells loose elements as CRYSTALLIZED™ products to the jewelry making industry, architects and designers. The other part of the company is their ENLIGHTENED™ product line of fine jewelry with precision cut real gemstones and crystals.

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  1. Wow - these beads are beautiful! Must have some to add to my stash.

  2. The Pure Brilliance crystals will most likely be available only in their fine jewelry section not loose! But one can hope.

  3. Darn - maybe you will receive some to review for your blog. If you do, remember your friends, ha ha.

  4. OMG! As if I wasn't already in love enough with Swarovski cyrstals! I don't go to malls often, but some time ago remember a jewellery store with Swarovski jewellery - It almost made me cry! I think I'm a 'sparkle-addict' ... Is there 12-steps for that? Hey Pearl - there's an idea - maybe you can come up with a 12-step program for bead addiction (just don't actually CURE us! lol).

  5. o man i want it as loose beads! swarovski charges so much for their jewelry line!

  6. Swarovski Crystals are made into pendants, necklaces, rings, beads and any possible jewelry combination imaginable. Modern designs also feature Swarovski Crystals on fashion wear such as clothing, purses, belts, sandals and more.


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