I've got an old aquarium that I wish to convert to a terrarium some time in the future. I like the concept of mini-ecosystems. But I never would have dreamed up the likes of the mini-terrarium jewelry of Woodland Belle on Etsy.

Mai McKemy's whimsical jewelry are inspired by nature as she lives near the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Her charming little sculptures are encased inside small glass globes and little vials.

The tiny flowers, butterflies, mushrooms and moss do remind one of a lovely walk in the woods.  Check out her store - she also makes twig jewelry!

Modern terrariums go back to Wardian cases, the glass cases first invented around 1829 by a Victorian physician, Nathaniel Ward, who was an amateur botanist.

He actually discovered the terrarium by accident when fern spores germinated in a glazed case he had for moth cocoons containing a bit of soil. He had been unable to grow ferns in his London garden due to pollution. So this was his eureka moment - he realized the case allowed him to grow plants free from outside influences.


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