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Rainbow Hoop Earrings to Match an Entire Summer Wardrobe!

This is arguably the most versatile earrings I have ever seen. Judi is the beader who decided she really needed something easy to wear for the summer. Earrings which will go with anything in her wardrobe. She did it by choosing seed beads in all sorts of colors and threading them onto hoops. They were also easy to make! Fun, fun, fun!

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  1. Awesome Judi! I find hoop earrings are usually so flattering. And I love earrings - or other pieces - that I can wear all the time. Lovely and FUN!

  2. I only read your twitter headline and was inspired, as I had some goldplated loops on hand. I used matte 9/0 seeds and followed the colorway of the rainbow when stringing them. They look so cool! Thanks for sharing Judi's design!


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