A woman can`t be too careful right? But who wants to carry around a heavy can of pepper spray. Some handbags are already weighty enough. So the Stunning Ring from Self Defense Products offers a more discrete and lighter alternative.

You`re supposed to wear it on your dominant hand preferably on your index finger so one of your thumbs can easily release the safety catch to spray an assailant.

Pepper spray contains capsaicin, a chemical from some plants like chili peppers. When you eat these peppers, capsaicin and other related substances bind to your mouth`s pain receptors which then tells your brain you`ve eaten something really hot. This might prompt you to drink water. But don`t do it because capsaicin is not water soluble - it is an oily compound. Go for food products with some fat in them. Milk, cheese, yogurt or ice cream are better for cooling your mouth down. Alcohol works too. Many college students can tell you curry and beer go well together!

Fortunately, an assailant won`t have these remedies handy to wash the chemical away. Moreover, the pepper spray formula used for the ring is 400 times stronger than a jalapeno pepper. Capsaicin really irritates eyes, makes breathing difficult, induces coughing and so on when sprayed into someone`s face. The full effect lasts about 30-45 minutes - plenty of time for you to make a getaway.

The Stunning Ring costs $28. Refills are available for $8. While you‘re at it, you might want to check out the Killer Spiked Cuff  I wrote about before for your next trip down a dark alley....

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