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When I come to think of it, zippers are rather simple - 2 strips of metal edged fabrics. How many permutations of zipper jewelry can you make out of that? And yet, artisans always surprise me with what else they can do with plain zippers. 

The latest find is Catrinel777 from Tel Aviv, Israel. She is a clothing and accessories designer and as she says, "I flirt with various raw materials". Check out her store and you'll see more of her designs. It is clear from these designs she likes the unconventional. Her zipper jewelry are strikingly bold statement pieces for sure.

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  1. These are really funky! I love 're-purposing' but haven't ventured in that direction with jewellery. If I am ever to support the 'zipper industry' though, I'd have to try 'em for jewellery, considering my utter lack of sewing skills - or sewing patience! I wonder how well "zipper bling" - and things like it - sells. My faves are the slightly 'simpler' ones - the first one with the 'cones' and the long one with the concentric circles.

  2. The cheaper and simpler zipper jewelry like the bracelets with a charm sell well. They are very popular.

  3. Thanks for the stream of info and inspiration! These are awesome.

  4. Wow these pieces are amazingly beautiful. I love to see jewelry made from materials not commonly used in jewelry making.


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