One fun how to from the designer of PS I Made This is this macrame necklace tutorial.The macrame forms the focal of the necklace and is done entirely by weaving on the fingers of your hand.  It's a very fast technique.

Also check my past tutorial post on how to make finger loop braided bracelets. It's a blast from the past!

I actually tried this technique but must confess I had some trouble at the beginning.  It took a while to look over her pictorial instructions to make sure I was weaving in the right order.

As you can see from her tutorial, you work with your palm facing you.  But here is shot of the back of my hand where you can see the work taking shape.

One  mistake I made was to use crochet yarn. I found I could not pull down to tighten because the yarn kept getting snagged.  But once I switched to a much smoother cord, the weaving went well.  It also helps to wriggle your fingers a bit when tightening the weave.

As I used a different type of cord not string, the drape was a lot softer than the instructor's weaving so it was not a stand out as a focal. It was then I had an eureka moment! Use it as a necklace cord!! This handmade cord is a lot quicker than kumihimo, let me tell you.

Shown below is my recently uploaded Etsy purpleheart wood pendant necklace with the softly draping hand made cord.  The lovely heart pendant is from Art Beads, a leftover from a past blogger design challenge. As always, blogger partner designs I make go towards raising money for my pet cause.

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