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Tutorials : How to Make a Jewelry Box

I keep my own jewelry in a hanging organizer (see my past post) which I hang in my closet. It's the only way I can manage to select jewelry in the mornings with one eye open. But I know some of you would prefer a more elegant display on the dressing table. So here are some tutorials to make yourself beautiful jewelry boxes.

Lisa Fulmer's Geisha Decoupage Jewelry Box tutorial resembles a real Japanese lacquered wood box but you can make it easily and inexpensively. What`s impressive about this one is the inside is just as good as the outside!

Would you believe the above beautiful vintage style jewelry box tutorial by Heidi Borchers is made from bread dough? I have bought bread dough Christmas ornaments before and love them. But to see this large project executed so well was a treat. I like how she added beads and buttons.

The chain and bead jewelry box tutorial is a great way to use up odd beads and also short lengths of chain. The secret is apparently Aleene’s® Jewelry Metal Glue.

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  1. What a great idea. I actually use a Japanese lunch box for my jewellery box. It is made from lacquered wood and is very decorative - far too nice to use for a lunchbox.

  2. I would have done the same, Bobbie! Japanese designs are so elegant.

  3. These are beautiful designs but I need a bigggg jewelry box! I am addicted to buying jewelry as much as I am to making it!! :)

  4. These are lovely... the bread dough one is amazing! I might just use the decoupage idea for beading supply boxes as my 'bead zone' is in a very central part of the house... so if I ever get that far with the decorating, that'll be a nice way to make some of the 'chaos' look good... heck, maybe even less chaotic! Now I gotta check out your hanging jewellery organizer... so much to see!!! :-)


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