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Remember the reality check wedding ring I wrote about before? The multi band ring went from starry eyed engagement ring, to a caged representation of marriage and the symbolic freedom of divorce. Well, if the marriage is well and truly dead, then what is needed is the Wedding Ring Coffin.

There really is an online store where you can "Give a dead marriage its proper, final resting place."  What better way than to "Bury the past and move on to a new tomorrow." 

Jill Testa, the company founder explained the idea behind the wedding ring coffin came from her own painful divorce after 20 years of marriage. She hammered her wedding ring flat and the next day happened to attend a funeral. And so began her business selling these wedding ring coffins to divorcees around the world. She adds, "The personalized engraved messages that customers have ordered for the coffins include, 'He broke my heart but I broke the bank' and "The end of an error!"

Ironically, people also wanted the wedding ring coffin as a ring bearer's box for weddings. So they have come out with an ivory version with plaques reading "Til death do us part" and "I can't live without you!"

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  1. Wow - for the first time I am at a loss for words! The only thing I can say is that I hope I never need a coffin for my wedding ring!

    I am interested in how you generate the "you might also like" section?

  2. The LinkWithin related posts are automatically generated. The software analyzes the post and pulls out what it thinks are suitable ones.

    No software is ever perfect so I actually handpick the "you might also like" selection on the basis of the post's theme. It also means the email subscribers see this selection - they don't with LinkWithin.

  3. This would be perfect for a goth wedding or one with a vampire theme. I kinda like it. Now to find rings made out of nails so you can have some drive the last nail jokes and you're set.

  4. This was 1 of those posts that made me carry around my netbook to show everyone in my house! They are quite funny. If one has to go though a divorce, I'd imagine a sense of humour would help - especially if the divorce is happier than the marriage. That said, I 'second that emotion' Willi... I sure hope my wedding ring never ends up in one!

    Allison's 'wedding rings made out of nails' idea is kinda neat - and very funny - as well!

    I really like your 'you might also like'...s... I find I'm checking those more and more and going back and enjoying posts I'd forgotten about, or hadn't paid enough attention to the first time. Today I'm going to re-read the 'birdcage' rings... I remember being so amused by that one.

    And... gosh, my comments can get longer than the posts... (sorry) ... but I LOVE the "I do", sound engraved wedding rings. Didn't you also feature fingerprint wedding rings? Would love that - but maybe with a diamond in it. Or even a CZ... I actually wish I'd thought to go for a CZ engagement ring... still lovely, same meaning - but might leave some money for a honeymoon, house downpayment, etc. Once the real-life bills, house repairs and the like took hold - thousands of dollars (in some cases) to put on my finger no longer rates on the 'dreams' list.

  5. The wedding ring coffin is rather sentimental. Sad to see a coffin. But it has double meanings.One is "dead" and the other is "reborn".


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