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Mathematical Bead Work and Sculptures by Gwen Beads

What do you get when you cross a bead work artisan with a mathematician?  You get incredible mathematically inspired bead sculptures and jewelry!  Gwen Fisher of Gwen Beads makes beautiful beaded objects which function as decorative art pieces.

Shown on the right is her Tetrahedral Symmetry beaded art object. She based the design on the tetrahedron which is a pyramid with four triangular faces. It was displayed in the Exhibit of Mathematical Art at a past Joint Mathematics Meeting.

Another sculpture is she made is the Second Generation Sierpinski Tetrahedron. According to Gwen, "Waclaw Sierpinski was a 20th century Polish mathematician who pioneered the field of fractal geometry; one of the two-dimensional fractals he described was the Sierpinski triangle. This triangle was one of the first shapes understood to demonstrate self-similarity: the property that its shape at any level is the same as its shape at its largest level. The Sierpinski tetrahedron is a three-dimensional shape realizing the same concept."

Her icosahedral cluster sculpture has 12 5-pointed stars spaced around the surface of this hollow object. It is a lovely piece and I wasn't surprised to read it was also exhibited at the math meeting.

Gwen's beautiful beaded jewelry are scaled smaller for wearing. Her sense of pattern, color and placement is exquisite, don't you think?

UPDATE : Gwen's other droolworthy site:

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  1. Gwen's work is beautiful. I love the colors - pinks, purples and blues. I never thought math and beading went together!

  2. The works of Gwen Fisher are inspiring both shape and colorwise! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I like the way you work on those shapes.

  4. Just fantastic. It's no wonder her jewelry is so visually stunning, besides her colors and materials combinations, they appeal to our inner sense of balance.

  5. It's not just our inner sense of balance, but the beauty of mathematics also occur in nature. Check out this beautiful video which shows the connection between math and the nautilus, flowers and the dragonfly :

  6. Dear Pearl, thank you so much for this very sweet article about my artwork. I appreciate your kind comments more than you know! Great blog too! I need to have a better look around here.

  7. Math is SO not my strong suit, it never would have occurred to me those pretty pieces were mathematical anything! Very pretty and so detailed!


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