Designing with found objects  takes a certain kind of artisan. It`s not just the technical ability to put the jewelry piece together but the vision to see the potential in a whole bunch of eclectic material.

Such an artisan is Penelope Weinstein whose work you can see on Gallery 5`s Wearable Art site. Needless to say, all her pieces are one of a kind. This wonderful necklace on the right is her mixed fiber, beads and antique wooden jig saw puzzle necklace.

If you`ve never thought to incorporate surveyor's tape then you are not Penelope Weinstein! This tape necklace also includes African trade and wooden beads.

Antique children`s blocks, beads and fibre came together for this awesome signature piece :

She put together a whole bunch of vintage souvenir discs in this mixed fiber necklace:

The necklace below is her mixed fiber necklace incorporating wooden buttons and aluminum can pieces:

Other found object designers :
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