The humble safety pin is indispensable. I don't know about you but I carry one in my purse in case I lose a button or a hem comes undone. Fibulae (singular : fibula) and penannular ancient brooches are the original versions of the safety pin. They were worn for hundreds of years as a clothing fastener and for cloaks. They, like the modern safety pin, were far more secure than just a straight pin.

The modern safety pin was invented and patented in 1849 by the prolific American inventor, Walter Hunt. I'll bet he never once thought the safety pin could be turned into jewelry!

The first tutorial shown here is this sweet safety pin necklace design by Eileen G on Cut Out and Keep. She uses a doubled chain to attach her safety pins.

"Ridiculously easy" is what Love Maegan, one of my favorite DIY fashionistas says about her awesome safety pin belt cum necklace. As you can see, she suggested several ways to wear it including 3 lengths of necklaces. Check out her tutorial to see how she did it.

You could also use safety pins as connectors. This safety pin bracelet tutorial from Ornamentea is a lovely vintage brass inspiration. If you prefer to use regular safety pins, a jump ring through the "head" portion should help you link things.

This fun safety pin and fabric bracelet tutorial is by Alisa Burke who guest posted on the delightfully named blog, I am Momma Hear Me Roar! Via

Monoxious was inspired by Tom Binns use of safety pins in his jewelry designs. What she did in her Tom Binns inspired tutorial was to start with a diamante necklace and earrings and went from there. Easy as pie!

Also check out my past post on Designer Inspired Sparkly Rhinestone tutorials for a couple more Tom Binns inspirations.

Beaded safety pins make easy craft projects too because you are forming a picture out of colored beads on safety pins which are in turn hung from one main safety pin.  The Craft Ideas site has a good introductory article and ideas as well as this flag example. The site has a list of free beaded safety pin themes.

This elasticated beaded safety pin bracelet on eHOW is much like Alisa Burke's fabric one except for the beads. Try using larger beads, not just seed beads. Check out Sweetie Pie's tutorial and see what I mean.

If you are "stringing" beads onto safety pins, add a jump ring through some of them for a cool pair of earrings like Chelsey's on Cut Out and Keep!  As you can see, using other colors of safety pins makes for an eye catching design.

Or add a chain for a unique necklace. This tutorial is by Kelsi of Dedicated Follower. I like this one so much I might just make myself one as soon as I locate a bulk package of safety pins!

I don't often come across anklet designs but this one is a fun one made with safety pins. The video tutorial is by Shawna Wilson of Shavig Designs.

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