Safety Pin Bling
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Safety pin jewelry for men
Safety pins in jewelry designs are not a new idea. Think Tom Binns and you'll know what I mean. But safety pins by themselves and geared for just men turned up in a spectacular photo shoot recently. The punk style spread entitled ‘Flex Your Head appeared in the Japanese magazine, SENSE's July 2010 issue.

The photographer Junji Hata and the fashion director Tomiki Sukezane tried to create a tough look with the black and white pictures and black clothes. But somehow I found the pompadour hairstyles to be a distraction from the macho image. Perhaps had I grown up in the 1950's, my view might be different!

The silver and gold safety pins are available from Jam Home Made.

Safety pin body art
Another photographer Nacho Doce teamed up with live artist Lucy McRae of Australia  for the "Rojo Nova Work in Progress" project at the Museum of Image and Sound in Sao Paolo, Brazil this past summer.  The first glance might have you gasping but rest assured the safety pins are merely glued on!

A trained ballerina and architect, she “invents and builds structures on the skin that re-shape the human silhouette.”  This is her vision of what humans might like look in an alternate world of her imagination.

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