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Travelers once used links in gold chain jewelry to help them pay for their needs. There were no ATMs back in the old days! Our lightweight paper currency definitely made travel easier.

Tine De Ruysser, a Belgian artisan who makes origami jewelry from real banknotes says wearing paper money jewelry also does the same thing as gold jewelry - displays wealth and is an easy source of ready money. As her jewelry is merely folded, the component notes can be taken apart and used!

The non-destructive and reversible folding is a very clever idea as many countries including the US have laws against mutilation or defacing currency such that they cease to have any value. (US law) Having said that, actual enforcement of the law is another matter especially if there is no intent to defraud.

The choice of bank notes for paper jewelry is also inspired because bank note paper is especially durable. It doesn't tear easily.

Even hardier is the polymer bank note. Several countries like Australia and New Zealand have already fully converted to polymer bank notes instead of cotton-based paper bills. The Bank of Canada will  be switching in the next year or so. The reason is the extra anti-counterfeiting features polymer bank notes can deliver.

However as far as bank note jewelry is concerned, using polymer ones means the jewelry will be waterproof, sturdy and even dirt/bacteria resistant. They will be slightly harder to fold though compared to paper.

De Ruysser holds a PhD from the Royal College of Art in London. Her thesis work was with a material she invented during her masters degree. She is especially interested in the folding process using different materials and for different applications.

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