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Remember my past post on how to use jewelry tools like the saw, stamping set and dapping block to make metal stamped jewelry? Well, I won't repeat those instructional videos but instead, here are some fresh tutorials on how to make different kinds of stamped jewelry.

There is more than one way to cut discs (jewelry saw or tin shears) and to make those connector holes (metal hole punch, drill). Or you could just buy the ready made discs or washers from your local hardware store.

The wonderful video tutorial by Tracy at Ornamentea shows us how to stamp and dap (dome) the cool linked disc bracelet you see above. She brushes on a bit of ammonia to darken the letters. What she didn't mention is ammonia stinks something awful. So I would recommend you do this with good ventilation or even outdoors.

If you need just a static tutorial rather than a video, I recommend heading over to Fusion Beads. Their excellent tutorial shows how to use masking tape to hold down the disc and guide the lettering part.

Shrimp Salad Circus's hidden message locket tutorial below is so clever. You can always add a truly sentimental message and no one will see except the wearer. She also covers the technique of doming metal discs.

Jennifer Worick's  bracelet tutorial on Craftstylish is an excellent example of how you can incorporate a special message for someone special and make it look like an ID bracelet.

MiniMoonPie's stamped sterling silver tag earrings video tutorial is a must watch if you're wondering how it's possible to cut your own rectangular tags. The video is a bit dated as the instructor was making Obama 2008 earrings for a custom order! 

Her workshop set up shows her flex shaft ever ready right on her table. She uses it to drill the holes in the tags as well as to quickly polish off the liver of sulfur treatment. For round tags, it's best to either purchase them or use a disc cutter.  If you don't have a flex shaft, a simple metal punch can be used to cut out the holes for the ear wire attachment.

Rings and Things has this easy stamped metal charm tutorial which shows not only how to stamp but texture the surface too.

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  1. Great blog. I just bought a jewelry saw so I will look at your tutorial.

  2. Okay, THIS I have to try. The first stamped jewelry I bought was from Lisa Leonard online. Her stuff is great. Off to look for materials!

  3. Would you please provide a list of suppliers who sell the items needed for making the stamped jewelry ? Many thanks.

  4. Many jewelry suppliers carry the tools and supplies - try PJTool and Supply, Rings and Things, Art Beads, Contenti etc. Just do a search on Google and I am sure you will find even more.

  5. Great tutorials. I bought me a dapping block, disk cutter, and stamps. But when I cut out my disk they tend to get stuck in the hole, I have a really hard time getting them out. So I haven't messed with it much. Don't know if that is normal. Maybe it gets easier after it's been used awhile.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful tutorials.

  6. Oh, I bought my dapping block, disk cutter, and letter stamps at Harbor Freight. Close to home, and quite a bit cheaper then I found online.

    I even buy my flush cutters there, and they seem to cut as well as my $30 pair. So I use them for the thicker gauges so I don't ruin my more expensive ones.

    They sell tumblers to. But I already had one.

  7. Thanks for the tip about Harbor Freight.

  8. Don't forget about have tons of free classes, tips and tricks and of course all the tools and supplies you would ever need!

  9. Thanks for sharing that tip, Nancy!


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