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How to Make Beaded Rings Tutorials

Beaded rings are wonderful alternatives to metal rings especially for people who are allergic to some metals. They are also great to show off your beading skills! Here are some excellent and innovative tutorials.

What could be more current than a Princess Diana engagement ring inspired beaded ring tutorial?  This awesomely clever tutorial for a Faux Gold and Sapphire Ring is by Shala Kerrigan over at Bellaonline. Via

Abigail Crafts Howto has a wonderful tutorial on how to make a hana-ami Japanese beaded sunflower charm. This can be attached to a bead ring. She includes the link to that tutorial at the end.

Nelkin Designs's woven seed bead ring tutorial is really great for kids. I was not surprised when she said the tweens and teens just love making them. I've done bead weaving kids parties where they enjoyed made necklaces and bracelets. Rings would have been a lot of fun too.

A variation to the bead woven ring is Simone's beaded ring tutorial over at the craftevolution blog. It's similar to what the kids created at the party I mentioned above.

Jane from the Handmade Jewelry Club's video tutorial shows how a rose bead and crystals can be easily added to a bead woven ring.

Thanks to Allison of Designing Impressions for leaving me the tip on one of the above tutorials on my Facebook Page!

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  1. Great blog. I have never attempted to make a ring. I like the first one, the colors are very rich.

  2. I made a wire Christmas tree you might have interest to see.

  3. Hey Pearl...nice job featuring really simple to do rings...I was just in the mood for something light and simple...will do them tonight..thanks
    Simone's blog is great..her knits were fantastic..its a pity I dont even know the basics

  4. I love the gold and sapphire ring! I recently made one with a tigereye cameo. Turned out nice.

  5. I've never attempted to make rings. I thought there would be too many different rings sizes to take into account that it would be difficult to create an inventory for a show. After viewing the rose ring video I was impressed with how cute the finished project was. I may give it a try.

  6. I love to bead rings. They are so comfortable. If anyone is looking for more beaded rings, try my website, I like the first ring that looks like the princess's ring.


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