Wire wrapped rings are really popular. It's a good thing artisans are always coming up with different approaches and variations of wire wrapped rings. So here are more! The first one by me is really a review of a single bead wire wrapped ring.

Fake prong ring
Using montees for single bead wire wrapped rings is a cheat way of  getting the look of prong rings! These are  Swarovski rhinestones   in different colors which are foil-backed and come all pre-mounted in a cup setting. They do provide a lot of design flexibility as they have 4 holes for you to thread in two different directions. But as you can see I needed only two of them.

If you have never done any rings before, they are worth a go as they are so much fun to make once you get the hang of the basic steps. You do need a ring mandrel or something like a dowel or even a marker pen if the resulting size fits you. I used about 8-10 inches of 20G wire.

Wrap it around the mandrel such that the wire with the crystal is in the middle. The size 8 position will result in a size 7 ring.

Next wrap the outer wires around the crystal. If you have a rubber or plastic mallet, hammering the ring will help harden the wire - careful you don't smash the crystal!

Remove the ring from the mandrel and trim the wire ends to manageable lengths for wrapping around the two wires which form the ring. Make sure the ends of the wires are nicely tucked down and not poking the wearer.

Real prong ring
This super tutorial by My Beads shows a lovely way of making a real prong setting.

Cluster rings
Dana's got a wonderful cluster ring tutorial based on a love knot on her blog. Check it out!

Jet Designs on Youtube has a tutorial on how to make a different type of bead cluster ring based on eye pins. It's similar to my eye pin ring tutorial (link below) but is prettier! Where our tutorials differ is mine was made to keep the ring adjustable.

The tutorial is in 3 parts :
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Knot ring
Karen makes stuff has this great tutorial using 2 beads and knotting the wire. It's really pretty!

Freeform ring
I just love the free form ring tutorial by Jaguar on Cut Out and Keep! Need I say more?

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