A number of designers are diverting PET plastic used in plastic bottle containers from landfills by turning it into spectacular jewelry. One recycled water bottle artisan is British designer, Tonya O'Hara. Her contemporary style jewelry, PET:cell is wearable eco art for sure! Every piece she uses is shaped by hand.

Shown here are her rings and earrings. She even uses the bottoms of large plastic bottles as packaging. Check out her online store and see!

Another find is fellow Canadian, Kumvana Gomani who turns pop and water bottles into a lovely winter inspired set.  She is a trained industrial designer who completed her studies at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver.

Kumvana, who is of part Malawian heritage, is interested in environmental issues and is involved with the Bomanahalli India Jewelry Project helping women create jewelry from every day garbage.


Aunt Peaches who says she wears sweatpants and rhinestones without apology, wrote a clever tutorial for a necklace made from plastic water cups which can be easily varied as you can see. The recyclable plastic #6 lends itself to shrink plastic basics.

Tiffany Windsor had a different approach. She recycled water bottles by cutting out a support band for a bracelet. She covered it with fabric and added large buttons or beads. In her tutorial, she uses a die cutter for the fabric but you don't need that for a design of your own. As she said, it's a great way to recycle clothing too.

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