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Book Review - Lacy Wire Jewelry

There are many good jewelry making books out there but few are truly innovative. One of these is Melody MacDuffee's new Lacy Wire Jewelry book which I recently received from Kalmbach Publishing for review.

Her wire work book is really about making filigree style jewelry without having to solder. The techniques she teaches are not only fun but relatively easy to accomplish with just your basic jewelry tools. Some practice is required to create even loops but in general the informal style is most forgiving indeed.

One outstanding feature of her book is her way of making bezels for cabochons. If you've been struggling with the traditional cabochon wire wrapping techniques (see past tutorial post), I highly recommend Melody's method.

As there many common steps to her designs, the book has a Technical Basics section at the back where you can refer to; steps such as " Making Frames", "Making Base Bezel Rows" and " Attaching Laces to Frames". Her awesome chandelier earrings below is an example of how fine wire and beads are used to slowly build up a design.

My most favorite part of her book is the curlicue section. These curlicue earrings illustrate why it is called lacy wire jewelry.

The step-by-step instructions were clear. However the final photographs of the finished pieces were dark and dull. They really did not do Melody's marvellous creations proper justice. Still, if you like working with wire, this book deserves to be in your library.


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  1. definitely going on my wish list....

  2. Great review Pearl. It is always nice to see some pictures from a book before you buy it. I will definitely buy this book.

  3. What an interestingly unique artist...looks like a great book...

    Enjoy your weekend Pearl!

  4. Though I've always longed to take a silver soldering course, I could neither afford the class (at over $300) nor the equipment. Melody MacDuffee's book looks promising in offering me some fresh new alternatives to wire wrap work.
    I do love her lacy wire, curlicue earrings...fabulous !

  5. I bought this book many months ago and I love it. I've learned to make those lacy bezels for my cabs. The effect is beautiful! I've always used round wire and don't like square, so this technique is perfect for me.


  6. I must admit I prefer round wire too like you!

  7. I do have this book and one of my favorite one in my library that I have used a lot. Melody's instructions are very thorough and I did not have any problem incorporating them. I have sold quite a few of the earrings from this book. I thank her a lot. And you too for this review. Some of the earrings are in my Etsy store too. at Dita


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