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How to Add Needlework to Shrinky Dink Necklaces

Using shrinkable plastic is a wonderful way to make whimsical necklaces. The designs are easy to whip up using Shrinky Dink plastic sheets designed for inkjet printers but regular ones can also be used if you trace designs and color them yourself.

Cathe over at the Just Something I Made blog upped the fun quotient by adding needlework to her dog inspired shrinky dink project. She's even included a free pdf download sheet of images. But strangely not a cat so feline lovers will have to come up with their own!

The stitching in the punched holes just adds so much more dimension and interest to to the design.

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  1. Shrinky Dinks have come a very long way since they first came out. The doggie necklace is cute and I could see this medium would be perfect for those young and fun designs.


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