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How to Make Elephant Inspired Jewelry Tutorials

Animal Inspirations
Part 3 of 3
Elephants are simply majestic creatures. They have been an inspiration in jewelry designs for eons especially in India and Africa where elephants feature in their legends and are very much part of their culture and heritage.

Here are some tutorials to feature them in designs. First up is the Beaded Fabric Elephant pendant necklace tutorial by Idekuhandmade. I love how the bead work forms the The instructions are in Indonesian Malay but you can either use Google Translate or the pictures will suffice.

If you aren't fond of fabric jewelry, then check out the cute 3D beaded elephant from mk.perles.  The pdf instructions are in French.

A simpler beaded elephant head tutorial by Leia on is ideal for  a key chain or back pack adornment. A more elaborate elephant head tutorial also on the same site features pink ears!

When I was a little girl, I remember my mother had a hollow gold ring which contained some elephant hair. When I asked her why she bought it, she laughed and said perhaps it will help her remember!

Did you know there are real elephant hair bracelets? These have been popular in Africa for centuries. They are very durable and made from the tail hairs which can be a couple of feet long. They are believed to have a protective function. Yes, you can still buy them today at the African Crafts Market (see above). The hair is collected from the bases of trees where elephants rub against them.

Wire workers will be pleased to know you can make an elephant hair style bracelet out of wire. One outstanding feature of the claspless elephant hair bracelet design is the ability to open up or tighten the bracelet by simply moving the wrapped "knots". has the tutorial. There is no picture of a completed project.

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  1. Thanks again, Pearl! I have a question--a friend gave me a strand of real ivory carved beads that she got from her mother. I have a real ethical problem using ivory, and was wondering if you had any leads for finding out how much this strand is worth? I was thinking of donating the proceeds to a wildlife fund.

  2. I laughed at your mother's comment on why she bought the ring. She sounds like a very practical woman!

  3. Hi Cate,
    The sale of ivory is heavily restricted - for example eBay was forced to ban ivory sales in 2008. The problem is there is no way of knowing if the ivory was from poached animals. If I were you, I would keep the beads as it was a gift. Also, I suspect the wildlife fund people might be upset if they knew the donation came from the sale of ivory beads.


  4. The little beaded elephant is cute but the post is a bittersweet reminder of the plight of the elephant who are hunted and slaughtered for their coveted ivory tusks. The greed of man seems to know no limits.

  5. When I see elephants I don't automatically think of their slaughter. While definitely a problem, I can still enjoy the animal without getting sad. I love how people can make jewelry out of anything - elephant tail hair - amazing!

  6. My mother gave me a gold ring made around a ring of elephant hair which I wear all the time, in fact, I am not sure I can remove the ring without butter or soap. It is supposed to ward off the 'evil eye'! What can I say? Mothers! An asian old wives tale, maybe!


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