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How to Make a Bedazzling Dog Leash

Animal Inspirations
Part 1 of 3

We hear the advice time and time again - wear your own jewelry. However, did you also think that your pet dog might help out as well to promote your jewelry making skills? Well, here is a tutorial to make your own Glitzy Glam Dog Leash

Valerie Blackburn, the designer uses webbing and swivel clips for the main leash. But the best part is the leash embellishment. She uses tulle and a rhinestone button for her design but I think a beaded cabochon would work too in colors to match the leash itself.

If you like a dog collar and leash, then check out Sew4Home's basic tutorial. Instead of swivel clips, plastic release buckles are used.

Time for walkies, Rover!

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  1. How novel ! I never thought about designing for little Fido or Fifi. I can just picture that adorable hot pink and zebra striped leash on a pampered, Hollywood Hills French poodle.

  2. I love this post! I know tho special pooches who would look good with these leashes.

  3. Love the ideas. I use kumihimo to make collars and leashes for my dogs.


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