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Remember my book review about Making Elegant Jewelry for Special Occasions? Well, Sue's creations at a workshop are certainly good examples of the simple but elegant jewelry designs covered in that book. She teamed up pearls with silver plated filigree balls for one bracelet. What she didn't do was alternate them.

She also used the same strategy for her pretty pink crystal bracelet using sparkly bead balls.

Beader designs # : 643-644 :

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  1. My kind of elegant and simple...not a fancy person and think the simpler the bracelet...the more elegant it is...bravo

  2. As they say; "less is more". Some times the simplest designs can be the most elegant as the admirer is not distracted by all the hoopla of more, more and more.
    The magic of beads is that they are so versatile and the same beads in a hundred different hands will yield a hundred different designs.

  3. Well said, Anna! I agree the bead permutations are infinite!


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