Hat tip to Joyce of Happy Cloud Moments blog who told me about the fun rings made by Ecoterre and available on Grain. They also have a tutorial showing us how to create unisex rings from recycled covered electrical wire. These come in various colors. As the covering is plastic, these rings are ideal for those who are metal allergic.

I loved the clever way they described their rings, "There's no better way to convey how much someone sparks up your life!"

It's a great way to upcycle what could be thrown into the garbage.If you don't like the look of the plastic covering, the alternative is to strip away the coating. I've done this before with unwanted electrical wire to get at the copper core. The copper can then be used to make all sorts of copper jewelry or as practice wire.

But in keeping with today's theme, check out mikeyssmall's video on How to Make Saber Tooth Pendant Jewelry from Recycled Wire.


Another clever idea is Cyndi's circuit breaker necklace tutorial over at the Beading Arts blog. This highly creative designer thinks quickly on her feet because all the fuses came from a cleaning out session at a friend's storage unit! It looks rather Christmassy, doesn't it?

More recycled jewelry:
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