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Some time ago, I featured an artisan who makes toothbrush bangles from brand new ones. Jamie said then the process is time-consuming but I hadn't really appreciated how long it really takes.

If you are curious, Tristin and Sharon over at the Two Girls....Being Crafty blog have a tutorial which shows you how to recycle old ones.  The boiling process also sterilizes them in case you are wondering about the icky factor!

Anna (Almost Precious) commented on that past post wondering whether there is a veritable mountain of used toothbrushes. There must be since dentists suggest we get rid of our toothbrushes every few months. They're not made from  recyclable plastic so are simply tossed away. Pity as they are colorful and make cheap bangles!

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  1. Who was the first person to say - I want to make jewelry out of that?

  2. Haven't a clue but as many featured designers have shown - anything goes!

  3. Hey there-thanks for sharing our tutorial! What a fun blog you have--I'm enjoying perusing it.

  4. Glad to hear that - I try and make my blog entertaining and educational! Not always an easy mix!

  5. Interesting idea. At least it keeps them out of the landfills.

  6. Nice follow up post.
    I think I actually prefer that someone make their bangles from used toothbrushes than from brand new ones as it is more ecologically friendly that way. My teen-age generation had never heard of toothbrush bangles so they must have been a fad that came later (probably much later). Though I do recall having once attempted to sanitize my toothbrush by boiling it and found that was not a good thing to do as the bristles began falling out. It's not very pleasant having a mouthful of toothbrush bristles.

    Now if we could just figure out what can be done with the new-age toothbrushes, the ones with those rubbery grips, they're not nearly as attractive as the transparent acrylic brushes.


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