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The Shadow Heart Ring - Romantic or Not?

Love is in the Air
Part 2 of 2
The limited edition Heart of Love ring by D. K and Wei is unusual. There is no diamond or gemstone. A small metal circle sits on top of a concave beveled ring where a stone would be. The play of light due to the shape of the ring band casts a heart shadow.

The inspiration for this ring comes from the ever popular shadow pictures of wedding rings on open bibles like this one shown below.

Non-cardioid heart curve as a shadow of weddin...Image via Wikipedia

I think it makes for a romantic gift especially for anniversaries and Valentine's Day. But if some guy thought this could be an engagement ring, he should perhaps reconsider. Seriously.

Would you consider this an engagement ring?
Yes, because it is so romantic
Nope, it's got to have a stone! free polls

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  1. I really like the simplicity of the ring and agree with you about it being a sweet Valentine's gift or for a birthday or one of the lesser anniversaries. An engagement ring however requires something a tad more impressive.

    Hm, I do see a couple of the "you might also like" features that I think I surely may "also like"; I wonder how many comments I'll have subtracted for going back to see them. Perhaps there's a toll for traveling back in time. lol :D

  2. Here's the thing...I wear a simple turquoise and silver Navajo wedding band that cost my husband $11.00 back in 1978. He flat out refused to spend thousands on diamonds, and said his savings would be used (at age 23) to go into our joint retirement. That isn't real romantic, but it IS love, and here we are 32 years later. Ladies, it is not the romance that counts, but the INTENT.

  3. I believe an engagement ring can be anything. It doesn't have to be impressive. I myself prefer something unusual and unconventional.
    Not all women want huge rocks.

  4. That is cool! I think it could absolutely be an engagement ring for the right couple! Love it.

  5. Romance is all in the head. The externals could not matter less. I was married with a ring my hubby made, and got an "engagement" ring in his wonderful grandma's will, many years later. And here we are 35 years and going strong. The shadow ring is interesting and unusual.

  6. A unique idea that I would definitely consider if I didn't already have a ring (with a small stone). A ring like this would definitely be a conversation starter and give the perfect opportunity to tell your friends and colleagues how you and your partner met, as well as explaining the subtlety (? spelling) in the art of the ring. A very interesting concept.

  7. I don't care if it's used as an engagement ring or not - it's ingenious! I love it!

  8. "Oohhh . . . you got me a . . . circle?"
    "No honey, it's a shadow heart."
    "O . . . k . . ."
    (*wait - a shadow? what is he trying to say?*)

    I'm sorry, but this just doesn't seem romantic. I asked my husband for a ruby, because it is my favorite stone, but I left the rest to him. He gave me a ruby in a heart shape, and that was romantic. It is small and wasn't terribly expensive, I didn't care because (well I'm not shallow!) he wanted to tell me he loved me, by giving me what I asked and then some.

    A circle? No matter how cool the illusion, a circle? Really?

  9. This ring design definitely generated different views. At this time of writing 62% of responders preferred a stone! Pearl


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