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Awesome Crochet Bracelet Tutorials

I've done wire crochet bracelets before but there is an additional appeal to yarn crochet jewelry - no risk of metal allergy. Yarn jewelry is also soft to wear and the color options are infinite. So here are some of the best crochet bracelet tutorials to inspire you.

jewelry making tutorial

Kristy over at Kootoyoo has this striking Crochet Cuff tutorial shown above (alas the tutorial is no longer available) It makes use of the broomstick lace stitch to great effect. 

Next is Tammy Powley's Swarovski Crystal Embellished Crochet bracelet tutorial. This one is easy if you are just a beginner.

jewelry making
Image by Tammy Powley
This colorful Crochet Bracelet Tutorial by Lina on the Kardemumma blog celebrates circles! This is also an easy one for beginners.

jewelry making how to
Image by Lina
Another circle inspired design is Diane Gilleland's Crochet Ring Bracelet Tutorial on CraftStylish.  Light plastic rings are used.

jewelry making how to
Image by Diane Gilleland
More Crochet Tutorials
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  1. Great blog today Pearl. I just bought a great book on knitting and crocheting jewelry called "Wired Jewelry" by Kath Orsman. Now I have lots of beautiful ideas - if I only had the time!! :)

  2. wow, with a metal allergy, I really appreciate this!!!

    (via Facebook)

  3. Thanks Pearl, yet again, for an awesome post. As I have entered the world of blogging, I am understanding just how hard it is to constantly come up with fresh, interesting ideas. Just wanted to say thanks for your hard work. A lot of the things you post about are jewelry I would never have heard of, some I do not care for, and most that I am thrilled to learn about! Have an awesome day!

    (via email)

  4. I forgot to mention that for metal allergy sufferers, there are non-metallic clasps available. Making metallic looking beads, even cones out of polymer clay is also another idea.

  5. Very, very cool!!! Those are some great ideas Pearl!!
    Thanks, Carol

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  7. Way back when (which translates to a very long time ago) I remember broomstick crochet and hairpin crochet were the rage. I even recall making a few broomstick crochet afghans and a shawl. It is a fairly easy stitch that creates a very pretty pattern Now the thought of it used in small items such as bracelets is rather novel, thanks for casting light on this lovely art.

    Oops, deleted my first comment as I had an embarrassing typo...miss-typed crochet and didn't catch spellcheck's misinterpretation of my misspelled word.
    Spellcheck corrected "crotchet" to "crotch"... don't think that relates to broomstick or even hairpin for that matter. = O

  8. That's hysterical about the spellcheck suggestion! Did you know there is an entire website for the funniest autocorrects on cell phones?

    Check it out -

  9. Pearl - those are hilarious ! Only read the first page as there many, many pages. It should be a fun site to go back to for a laugh. :)


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