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How to Make Cracked Egg Shell Patterned Beads

Food Inspired Jewelry
Part 1 of 2

Don't these beads look vintage?  But they are not. They are resin beads which have been embellished with alcohol inks and cracked egg shells.  The inks are also used to dye the pearls so they match the tiles!

The clever tutorial is by Tiffany Windsor. It's just the perfect project with Easter around the corner. I can't think of a better way to use up egg shells from hard-boiled eggs!

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  1. Fabulous idea! One can even use decorated eggshells. Thanks for sharing this; fantastic find. :D

  2. It's a great look, very different. Also nice to know that alcohol ink can be used to dye pearls...I'm assuming that means real pearls and not glass pearls ? Why I ask is many times I can't find pearls in the color I need, a pale true yellow is often times very scarce.

  3. Yes, these have to be real pearls not glass ones in order to absorb the inks.


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