Tired of making ho-hum jewelry? One way to come up with unique designs is to learn a new technique. The other way is to explore the skills you already have and exploit them in new and original ways.

Kalmbach Publishing recently sent me Nancy Zeller's awesome new book, Bead Tube Jewelry: Peyote and brick stitch designs for 30+ necklaces, bracelets, and earrings which is a perfect example of the second approach.

What Nancy came up with is jewelry based on just 2 bead weaving stitches, the ever popular peyote and brick stitches.  She also went one step further and confined her design element to tube beads or tubular bead weaving.

Yet, with these "limitations", this highly creative author was still able to come up with a vast array of designs. The tubes were used vertically and horizontally, in groups as well as singularly and in a wonderful array of patterns and colors.

Using just two stitches meant there was space for a thorough how-to section at the beginning of the book. Did you know there are 7 ways to do odd-count peyote turns? Nancy explains each one of them so beaders can learn and pick their favorite. There is also a helpful part on how to read charts and tips on how to construct the beads. Click here for a clearer view of the 3 free pdfs.

The projects will also appeal to those who love to bead weave but lack the time for much more elaborate bead work. Tube beads can be stitched in small snatches of time - anywhere. The book caters to all levels of beaders including utter beginners and won't disappoint.

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