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How to Make A Lucky Penny Necklace

It's almost St Patrick's Day. May the luck of the Irish rub off on you! So this super Lucky Penny pendant necklace tutorial by Michell of Girl in the Air is just the thing.

The easy tutorial goes over how the hole in the coin is drilled, the letters stamped, inked before the necklace is put together. Fun project for sure.

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  1. So cute ! And Michell's tutorial shows the dapping set that I want. It must be Karma and I'm meant to get a set for myself...hey wouldn't 2 of those penny halves soldered together make a neat copper bead?

  2. Go for it! I also liked her letter set!

  3. Isn't defacing currency illegal? I'm just curious. I know it's only pennies but . . .

  4. Faewren - it is technically illegal to do that but in reality, the enforcement of the law is another matter especially if there is no intent to defraud. See this post for a bit more info -


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