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Many jewelry artisans make bottle cap jewelry. Just check out Etsy and Artfire and you will see what I mean. But the bottle cap jewelry by Yoav Kotik of Kotik Design are outstandingly different. Bold, contemporary and one class act.

The bottle caps, mostly beverage and beer ones, come from different places. These are then carefully polished and molded into what he calls his "precious metals" collection. An apt title for a super eco or recycled jewelry artisan.

Kotik is a graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. He often leads master classes on sculpture and designing with recycled materials at different academic institutions. His work has been exhibited in several international galleries.

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  1. Always love your posts, Pearl! I like the symmetry and combination of recycled materials with metal spacers and other components that Kotik has developed.

  2. Love them!.
    The ring would be so wearable and the others are just amazing.

  3. Kotik's designs are very innovative and I was completely blown away after viewing his webpage...such creativity! Though some of his designs are elaborate and obviously "gallery" pieces he has a line of very wearable jewelry too. I'm most impressed with how he is able to fashion a lovely round bead from 2 bottle caps, bet that takes some time to shape with hammer and dapping tools.
    Of course now I've looked up dapping tools and I want a set...Oh Pearl, your blog is such a dangerous place. :D

  4. LOL! I take no responsibility for the size of your credit card bills, Anna!

  5. Wow! Never seen anything like this... Amazing!


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