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More Button Jewelry Tutorials to Inspire

Many of us have some sort of button collection. So here are more tutorials to inspire you to use up your stash! If you'd rather NOT use buttons, remember Swarovski has all sorts of two hole beads for the extra bling factor!

One of the easiest ways to make a button necklace is demonstrated by Yellow Blackbird's funky Retro Button Necklace Tutorial. I am planning to make one for myself!

I really like how Jolie over at the Handmade in Portland blog interpreted Susan Beal's button necklace tutorial (Update link no longer works). She in effect used buttons as connecting pieces. 

Petronella Luiting's adjustable button necklace tutorial on the site is a model of understated button charm!

The Lilly Pilly blog has a really pretty layered button necklace tutorial to inspire!

 Little Miss Momma is a button hoarder. She certainly put her lovely collection to good use with this button bib necklace tutorial!

Nikki, In Stitches' basic button necklace tutorial has so much potential to change up the buttons and colors for unique designs!

She also has a video version :

The Frugal Living's button bracelet tutorial demonstrates how to make a loop and button closure.

Lillyella's button bracelet tutorial is very different and much easier to put on and take off as the buttons are sewn onto sewing elastic!

Queen M put together her button bracelet Cut Out and Keep by piercing a heated needle through the buttons to create holes for jump rings. She probably did not have large jump rings to take advantage of the buttonholes. Still, it must have been fun to make "buttons by candlelight"!

The Beading Daily's Wire Jewelry Button Earrings tutorial shows a butterfly pair but any decorative 2 holed button will do!

More Button Jewelry Tutorials :

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  1. Great blog, who thought that buttons could look so cute.

  2. a great range tutorials..thanks Pearl:)

  3. Great post Pearl. It's funny how so many beaders also have impressive button collections. My own collection is small in comparison to some...only 4 "Danish Butter Cookie" tins of them. Since I find myself inexplicably drawn to the button racks every time I enter a fabric shop I'm convinced that buttons must be related to beads, perhaps they're cousins.

    Thanks for giving us ideas on so many creative ways to use these cute little gems.

  4. It's no wonder jewelry makers have button stashes! We are all magpies - we love shiny pretty things!

  5. I've never done much with buttons, but these tutorials make me want to go raid my mother-in-law's button stash. Our local Michael's and Hobby Lobby also sells large bags of miscellaneous buttons that I may have to start checking out. This could get addictive!! Have a blessed day!!

  6. I'm proud to be named 'Sancy'


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