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How to Make Ladder Stitch Beaded Ring Tutorials

This ladder stitch tutorial by Sarah over at Operational Tackle That Bead Stash is delightful. It's easy and fast. It incorporates any focal beads such as these Swarvoski pearls beautifully. As the mission states, it does indeed use up some more of one's bead stash!

Karla Schaffer who used to instruct for Auntie's Beads has this video tutorial on how to make these lovely ladder stitch rings. These might be easier to make as the beads used are larger.

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  1. Great how-to! Thanks for sharing this. :D

  2. Awesome! Will try tomorrow, for my Day 73 project!

  3. My apologies for the broken link to the first tutorial. It has been fixed.

  4. I love these tutorials that present us with lovely but simple to make projects. The ring that the instructor demonstrates how to complete is very attractive and if it took her only 10 minutes, tope, to make I suppose I should be able to make one in about an hour, hopefully...if I don't get my thread tangled up in knots. :)

  5. I'm sure you are exaggerating, Anna!

  6. Pearl you've never seen how tangled my thread can get!!! LOL For some reason it wants to wrap itself around everything that's within 3 feet of me...the corner of my beading mat, my thread snippers, a button on my blouse.

    Oh and please don't ask me what "tope" stands for as I haven't a clue (maybe; "things only professionals experience" ?). I would swear I didn't even type the word but I recall it was one of those days where I'd type a whole sentence before the first couple of letters actually appeared on the screen. = O

  7. Ah, that's because you think and write much faster than the computer!


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