The advances in wearable technology seem to be rolling out pretty fast. This merging of high tech equipment with jewelry is definitely one of the hottest trends (see my past post on Trendhunter 2011 Pro Trends Report). People love their gadgets but who wants to look like a dork?

The O.R.B. Blue Tooth Ring is one of the latest innovations that's sure to wow. The hinged ring easily converts with a simple twist into an ear piece when you need to make a hands-free phone call. When you don't need it, wear it as a ring so it won't get lost. Keeping it on your ear though does make it look like a cool ear cuff.  Either way, it's a win-win situation!

Here are some cool facts about the ring :
  • uses bone conduction audio to eliminate the need to stick something into your ear canal
  • has a vibrate function
  • scrolling text display for caller id or text messages
  • waterproof - military spec seals and gaskets are used
  • comes in both men's and women's sizes
  • bling - limited designer edition will include gemstones
The blue tooth ring was developed by a partnership between  Hybra Advanced Technology and AbsolutelyNew. The basic model is scheduled to be launched sometime in the next few months. The suggested retail price is US$129.

I. want. one.

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